Miranda Lambert and I have something in common. Well actually a few things, but one that really matters.


We share similar vices like bleached hair and a good drink. We also both love old time, real country music, tattoos, and are way too pretty for prison…


But, seriously…the one thing we have in common that matters? We both have a gift that we were meant to share with the world.


This past weekend I finally got to see her perform in person. I have been waiting YEARS and it was this most exciting thing I have done in a long while. I was like a teenager at a boy band concert…I even stood in line for a t-shirt and  I haven’t done that EVER.  The only ever concert I have bought a t-shirt from was for the Queen of Country herself, Dolly Parton, and my sister and I ordered them online while sitting in our seats.


It was MAGIC. I didn’t sit down for one.single.song.


The music filled me up with joy, and tears, and love…and that may be cheesy but, it’s true. It was as if she was singing right to me…making me forget all of the crazy shit going on in the world right now, even if only for a couple hours.


That is her GIFT.  She uses music to change how we feel…to change how we experience the world….even if only for 3mins at a time.


As I reflected on it over the next couple days I realized that the way I felt while listening to her, is the way I feel when I see someone live out their dream, or complete a really big goal they didn’t think was possible. It is the way I feel when I help someone through coaching.


That is MY GIFT – to show women what they are capable of. To show them their GIFT and help them believe they can use it to create magic…


Like running a marathon, or getting that degree, or starting up their own business, or singing to thousands of people on stage under the Texas stars.


And why not? Why shouldn’t you get to do that? Miranda is just a normal person like you and me. She grew up in a small town in Texas with her parents and her brother. And at one point her family lost everything…


Now I know you are thinking, “Yeah but, her gift is natural” or, “She has a talent that most of the world doesn’t have”…


And you would be right. But what if I told you, so do you. You have a gift that comes natural to you…that is uniquely yours because it belongs to you and you are unique. It may not make you famous but it will make a difference. 


What do you find really easy to do that others don’t? Or, if you ask people, what they think your superpower is, what is the thing that 9 people out of 10 say? That thing… the thing you think is no big deal – that’s your gift. And of course you think it’s no big deal – it comes easily and natural to you so you don’t’ think its special!!


Find that thing and then use it to create something that matters to you. It was given to you…it comes NATURAL and EASY to you because it was MEANT for you. 




And when you do, it will change the world, even if only one person at a time.


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