If you are anything like I was, you are working in a career that you are “good” at and that you are “successful” in. To the outside world it looks like you have it all together.


Meanwhile, on the inside you are dying a little more each day. Your career feels meaningless and unfulfilling and you know that you are meant for something more….but, what?


For some, the answer to this question is easy. They have always known what their purpose is, even if they haven’t pursued it. But, for many of us, we don’t even know where to start.


So, today I wanted to give you 3 insightful questions to ask yourself that will reveal the answer…plus 1 that can help get you moving toward your purpose, once you know what it is.


In order for this activity to be useful you have to do 2 things: Allow yourself to dream BIG and be completely honest with yourself.


Ok –  Grab a notebook, your favorite drink and cozy up in a quiet space….


3 questions to identify your purpose….

 1. If I didn’t care what anyone thought, I would…

2. If money wasn’t an issue, I would…

3. If I knew I would succeed, I would….


1 question to get you moving towards your purpose

1. What is the cost of NOT pursuing my purpose (i.e.. stress, depression, strained relationships, money, exhaustion, physical illness, etc.)


I hope those questions help and that you found this activity as fun as I did!


If you want to go deeper with this activity to uncover all the fears you have that are holding you back from pursuing your purpose and how to overcome them, send me a message and let’s have a coffee!


The hardest step isn’t identify what you want to do, its actually taking the leap to do it. I get it – I’ve been there and I can help!


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