All of us have limiting beliefs about ourselves and the world that are holding us back. Things like:

  • I’m not as smart as everyone
  • Nothing ever goes my way
  • The world is out to get me
  • I’m too much…they won’t like  me

These things don’t sound good or feel good when we say them, and they aren’t useful in helping us reach our goals.


But what about beliefs that do sound good or feel good when we say them? Shouldn’t they be useful in helping us reach our goals?



And the answer is…not always.


Here are 4 common beliefs that sound really good but, if you want to quit your soul-sucking career and find one you love, you should consider kicking to the curb:


1. Always keep your word / commitments

This belief could have you people-pleasing your way through life…and your career. Sometimes it is necessary to go back on a commitment – like saying yes to a career that is no longer serving you. If you feel drained, purposeless and / or your personal health and relationships are suffering, it might be time to look at making a change.


2. Never quit something you start

Sometimes quitting is the bravest thing we can do. When you have given it your all and it just isn’t working, throwing in the towel will take vulnerability and strength. Know when it is time to leave.


3. Success takes hard work

First off, this belief may have you never going after any goal because the thought of all the hard work it will take will make your primitive brain tap out (remember how it wants to conserve energy?).  What if you thought – this could be easy? Focusing on things you do well and getting better at them, instead of fighting to fix what you don’t can make this thought a reality. And, when trying accomplish a big goal, instead of doing “all the things”, focus on taking what my mentor, Brooke Castillo, calls “massive action” –  bold actions that risk failure but, get you closer to your goal.


4. Pushing through is a sign of strength

Sometimes saying “I need to tap out” or “I need help” is the strongest thing we can do. I pushed through for years and it cost me my physical and mental health (some of it, now permanent damage that I just “manage”).  Yes, there is a time for pushing though – like when we feel fear of failure. But, when we push through signs of exhaustion, or give our energy to things that go against our values, we risk our literal health.


In short, even if there is a belief that you have held for a really long time and has served you well in the past, it may not serve you when trying to leave your current career and start a new one.


Question a belief you have if you feel like following it is causing things like suffering, shame, or guilt. Or if it is attached to a “should”. These are signs that the belief is actually hurting you instead of helping and it may be time to let it go…


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