If you are new here (and even if you are not), I want to share my Personal Impact Promise with you or, more simply put, the experience I promise to provide when you interact with me (whether that is reading this blog, on social media, or in a coaching session).


It is my promise that when you interact with me, you will feel:


  • INSPIRED to think about new ways of being or possibilities
  • EMPOWERED to be the expert on what is best for you
  • SUPPORTED so that you have the courage to do hard things and to be your authentic self


AND…with that promise, I wanted to turn this blog into a weekly expression of that promise, to share the following:


  • 1 Quote to INSPIRE you
  • 1 Thought and 1 Challenge to EMPOWER you
  • 1 Tip or Resource to SUPPORT you


Take a read below for this week’s Weekly Promise and let me know what you think!


1 Quote to INSPIRE You

“Your habits are how you embody a particular identity. When you make your bed, you embody the identity of someone who is clean and organized. When you study, you embody the identity of someone who is studious. What identity are you embodying today? Who are your habits helping you become?”

 – James Clear


1 Thought and 1 Challenge to EMPOWER You

Empowerment is trusting yourself to know what is best for you at all times, regardless of what others think or want. When you trust that you have all the answers you don’t ask for permission or look for approval.

Thought to Practice: “I am the expert on what is best for me” or “I am the best person to make decisions about my life”

Challenge: Make one decision without consulting anyone else (this can be as small as purchasing something without asking for someone’s opinion)


1 Tip or Resource to SUPPORT You

When making a decision, always ask yourself “Do I like my reasons for making it?”…if there is any hint of the answer “no”, re-evaluate your options and consider making a different decision. Sometimes the best decision doesn’t feel good, but we like our reasons for making it.


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