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.Hi. I’m Lyndsay Hume.

I help high-achieving women who are done living their life based on what they “should” do, take charge and design an empowered life full of joy, meaning, and purpose.

I know what it feels like to do what you “should”, instead of what you  want – I spent the first 10+years of my adult life following all the rules…

And despite being really good at it (and quite “successful” by society’s standards), I felt like my life was lacking purpose and meaning.

I also felt guilty for not feeling more grateful for my life and wanting “more”…

I knew something was off, but I didn’t know what to do…I didn’t want to let anyone down but, I didn’t want to keep going this way…

If this feels familiar to you, you’re not alone. Women are programmed to follow the rules and put other people’s needs and wants before our own – it becomes a part of our identity without us even realizing it.

But it doesn’t have to be one way or the other…

We can prioritize ourselves and what we want AND take care of others. 

In fact, I believe we are better spouses, mothers, sisters, and friends when we do this.



I truly believe that a life full of joy, meaning, and purpose it not only possible…it is what you were meant to have.

When you work with me to design your empowered life, I will share everything I have learned that has allowed me to:

  • Leave two unhealthy relationships and start my life completely over
  • Identify what it is that I want and live my life in alignment with my true self, without feeling guilty
  • Quit my six-figure paying corporate job after 15 years and create a business I LOVE
  • Develop authentic connections and relationships that are deep and meaningful and reflective of my worth
  • Overcome fear and self-doubt so that I can do impossible, hard, scary things (like overcome my lifetime fear of flying in less than a month)

 Don’t wait…I know what this might be costing you because I have been there. Don’t risk your health or relationships – it’s not worth it.

Work with me to design your empowered life TODAY…

A little bit about me…

I was born and raised in Canada and moved to the US when I was 37 years old. 

I am married to my best friend, and we have lived in 4 different cities in 9 years. We now live in San Antonio with our super funny, introspective, moody, and active 3-year-old son, Rocky.

I love country music, red wine, reading, and all things HGTV related. I am a self-growth junkie, and dream of living in Europe one day. 

I have my Masters in Counseling Psychology and originally wanted to be a therapist.

And, I’m a Certified Life Coach.


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