An immersive learning experience designed for the woman who is DEEPLY committed to her self-growth and desires an EXTRAORDINARY life.

 Are you ready to make a change and take FULL ownership of your life?

Are you open to POSSIBILITY and willing to believe in the IMPOSSIBLE?.

An extraordinary life where you get exactly what you want is not only possible…it’s what you were meant for..

Empowered & Extraordinary combines teaching and coaching to go deep on the fundamental concepts and tools of both psychology and life coaching, so that you can master the skills you need to create an extraordinary life and get exactly what you want:

  • Master self-awareness so that you understand why you feel the way you do and why you do what you do (or don’t do)
  • Learn to think in a way that is USEFUL (vs. positive) and motivates you to take action in a way that gets you the results you want 
  • Create a deep sense of authentic-self, so you can show up in any situation with confidence
  • Understand why fear is inevitable and how to overcome it so you can take action towards any goal you want to achieve
  • Learn how to get in touch with what you WANT and trust yourself to handle any outcome so you can make decisions quickly and intuitively
  • Understand how to own your feelings and set boundaries,  so that you can say no to what you don’t want, and yes to what you do, without feeling guilt or resentment 



A Peak Inside


12 sessions* where I teach a foundational concept and then coach participants live, so that you learn to:


  • Use your human brain to your advantage instead of against yourself

  • Think in a way that is useful (vs. positive) to getting you exaclty what you want

  • Master your feelings and create boundaries that reduce guilt and resentment

  • Make decisions quickly and intuitively

  • Tap into your truest desires and make decisions from there, instead of from fear

  • Be your Future Self and accelerate achieving your extraordinary goal

  • Use the past to get exactly what you want in the future

  • Overcome obstacles and use failure as a strategy

And…each week I will provide you with actions you can take in your life to implement the concepts and begin seeing changes NOW.

*Sessions will be 75 min each and will take place on Thursdays at 12pm CST starting April 6, 2023.

 If you take just one of these concepts and master it, how you experience your life will change.

If you take a few of these concepts and practice implementing them in your life, you will start to see improvements in every single area of your life.

If you take all of these concepts and apply them to your life, you won’t even recognize yourself or your life (in a good way) and things you thought were impossible for you will begin to be possible.

You are enough TODAY to create whatever extraordinary goal it is you have for tomorrow… 

This course is for the woman who:


  • Wants to achieve an extraordinary goal and / or live an extraordinary life

  • Does not want to be a victim anymore

  • Is 100% committed and has a growth mindset

  • Is ready to take full responsibility of her life

  • Is open to possibility

  • Is FUN

The women who join me inside of Empowered & Extraordinary will learn how to get EXACTLY what they want in the areas of love, life, and money.  The tools and concepts taught are based in science and are designed based on how the human brain actually functions – so they work for EVERYONE.





Don’t wait until you have more time or things are “just right” to get started…decide that you are enough to start TODAY.

Don’t buy into the belief that an extraordinary life is not “for you”…it is EXACTLY what was meant for you.

Don’t let your fear of failure stop you from trying – it’s just another form of failure that is easier and will keep you exactly where you are.


Join me inside of Empowered & Extraordinary and see what is possible for you.


Your Empowered & Extraordinary life is just a decision away.