On November 19, 2021 I started a journey with Lyndsay Hume down the relationship coaching road called “Mindset for Love”. From Module 1 through 6 we peeled back slowly, a layer of doubt, insecurity, intimidation, slavery. It allowed healing to begin. It allowed the seeds of self-worth and empowerment to be planted. Each module I took a step into was a step of growth and acknowledgement of myself. Taking the approach of learning to have a mindset of love for myself has been a very enlightening experience. Having a veil of emotional control removed from my mind is refreshing. Yes, it is several small steps I have been fortunate to take with Lyndsay during this program but nonetheless they feel like gigantic layers I have peeled back, addressed, and will continue to grow with the tools given during the series. I would recommend any and all who are interested in gaining a mindset of love for themselves to sign up for the course. You will not be disappointed.